Fallout: New Vegas DLC Campaign

My role: To conceptualize a narrative structure by capturing gameplay, and design the audio composition with in-game music, voice over and sound effects. I utilized key art to create title animations. I worked closely with Creative Directors at Obsidian Entertainment and Brand Managers at BSW to deliver unique trailers that entertained fans while showcasing new add-on content to the core game.

Ultimate Edition: Used in marketing the “Ultimate Edition” of the game, which included all downloadable content, this trailer is a tribute to New Vegas and the entire series. I chose an in-game song that reflected the brand’s unique tongue-in-cheek humor, paired with it’s iconic scenery.

Dead Money: As the first DLC in the series, and my first major start-to-finish project at Bethesda, it was important to me to make a great rough cut and go from there. Luckily, Obsidian loved the way it represented the DLC, and that started a close relationship and open dialog with the directors as we closed in on a tense but colorful depiction of the game.

Honest Hearts: When making this trailer, I wanted to express some of the themes that came through while playing the game. The idea of the wicked and the righteous stuck with me, as well as ownership of a place and opposing views. The sound design was especially challenging, as I imagined a subdued tone during certain segments, but as usual Defacto nailed it.

Old World Blues: The third DLC was all about capturing the humor and camp of an old sci-fi b-movie, while conveying a narrative that was true to the game. I had the most fun playing and making this!

Lonesome Road: This DLC had such a great, devastated feel to it’s environments and narrative that the tone came out naturally. At this point in the process, I was able to work in tangent with Defacto Sound to really nail down the audio design. Working with great voice-over to construct a compelling monologue, I tried to portray the epic struggle between you and the big bad. With the homage to old-school Fallout walking into the radiated sunset, I think it was a fitting end to the series.