Bethesda Underground

Bethesda Underground was a Community driven initiative to bring developer/publisher side content to the fans in short, digestible and fun videos. I worked to conceptualize the goal and tone for the continuing series, pitched to the department and worked with a small production team to film, edit and distribute on social media channels.

We developed project ideas with the PR department to plan schedules, film, edit, deliver and promote finished assets. In the new age of Twitch streaming, Vine and Instagram video, we’ve discontinued the series, although its spirit lives on in 5-15 second chunks of content!

A spoof of our very own marketing department.

We get to know the sound engineers at Tango Gameworks, and make him eat a lot of food. I should mention the title track is a song we bought from my friend’s band, Geisha Lightning! It’s always awesome to be able to collaborate with my artist friends who aren’t in the industry.

Hidden deep within a Pax South presentation, we were able to show a fun internal video we made to make fun of ourselves. I still think as far as sequels go, this one’s worth shipping.

Lead Concept Artist at Tango.

For Mother’s Day, Lead Designer Seth Shain thought it would be fun to explain his job duties to his mother. Things do not go as planned…

See the playlist below for more!